As the company has been progressively spreading during more than 38 years from its creation, it has increased its offer of services in a commitment to the enlargement and the globalisation of BAYPORT, thus it provides services each time more customized and specialised.

Ship Chandler

We offer a wide range of supplies aimed at meeting the needs that any vessels could demand, from groceries to spare parts for the navigation systems or the machinery for the watercraft, of whatever kind: cruises, navy vessels, fishing ships, etc.

Transport and delivery of products

The company provides and arranges the necessary infrastructure in order to guarantee the delivery of products within the deadline and it ensures the maximum quality of the delivered products, without losing the cold chain.

Customs management

BAYPORT holds the authorisations and resources for the execution of all the necessary actions, both IMPORT and EXPORT, of any type of merchandise, regardless of its origin.
Among the offered resources are found Customs Warehouse, Non EU Approved Warehouse, Bonded Warehouse, Authorized Export Warehouse or Temporary Storage.

Repairs of vessels, revisions and inspections

If your watercraft has suffered from any setback, you will find the solution in BAYPORT: problems in the monitoring system of the navigation bridge, repairs in the engine room, as well as underwater jobs. Furthermore, we count with the specialisation in annual services that are as common and essential as rafts and boats, immersion suits or life vests. Besides, we always provide a real-time response that does not hinder the client’s activity.

Supply of duty free products

Our company is specialised in the distribution of duty free products. More than 10,000 items at any time, everywhere and in any sector. We work with the main national and international brands, and we own bonded warehouses in any port of Spain, in this way we offer an immediate service to the client.

Supply of OFF SHORE

BAYPORT has qualified staff who is dedicated in an exclusive way to the attention and supply of every piece or item which could be required by the offshore drilling platforms for its repair or maintenance. In this way we develop a global logistic job.

Supply of ship stores and industrial products

We provide our customers with the best spare parts and technical stores to ensure the proper working of its structures and machineries. A key element to supply also the demands coming from the Spanish Ministry of Defence, its counterpart in Morocco or any other country. This fact confirms one of the added values of the enterprise: foreign trade operations.

Public administration