Last monday, the frigate ‘INS Tarkash’ (Indian Naval Ship Tarkash) arrived at the ‘Marqués de Comillas’ dock in the Port of Cádiz 21st. The vessel will set sail today Wednesday 21st. 

This call is due to the deployment being carried out by the Indian Navy in Africa, Europe and Russia., showing the close relationship with Spain and all the work that is done to  to improve operational coverage , maritime safety and its solidarity with friendly nations.

 Yesterday, Cadiz- Port Association was proud to take part in the event and it was represented by our director Rafael Fernández which is also President of Cadiz Port.

In the event he had the opportunity to see the good work of the Navy of India and share the event with other companies and institutions of Cádiz.

It has been an honour to be able to be part of this important and unusual visit, in which India highlighted that the frigate ‘INS Tarkash’ visits Spain “amid the growing importance and the concurrence of national objectives willing to share the interest in the maritime matters and be able to strength the friendship between both countries ».