We are specialised in the supply of vessels of several kinds, among them we can find navy vessel, merchant ship, fishing ship, rescue boats, tall ship, research and passengers vessels. Apart from that, we provide our services all around national and international territory, and it is always guaranteed the highest efficiency, the fulfilment of the delivery time and the security in the distribution chain.

We provide our clients with a range of logistics, storage and handling services in order to safeguard the delivery of products in due time, and with the assurance of counting with an expert and decisive team.

Our work system certifies the immediate response through the total coordination of all the agents who participate in the process. The enterprise supplies from food (dried, refrigerated and frozen) in all their kinds and origins to tools; going through spares to all type of machinery or security and navigation systems. 

In addition, our company is specialised in the distribution of duty free products to vessels, especially cruises. For that purpose, we work with different national and international brands with an availability of bonded warehouses in any part of Spain which enables us to provide an instantaneous service to our clients.